Common Invasive Species in the Conservancy

The following is a list of some of the invasive alien plants in the Conservancy.

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Common Name
Scientific Name
Acacia mearnsii
Cat 2 (exempted for an existing plantation)
Eucalyptus species
Cat 1b in Fynbos, Cat 2 in plantations and bee foraging areas
Rubus flagellaris
Cat 1b
Ricinus communis
Cat 2
Cuscuta campestris and Cuscuta suaveolens
Cat 1b
Cat 1b
Lantana camara
Cat 1b
Anredera cordifolia
Cat 1b
Ipomoea species
Cat 1b
Nerium oleander
Cat 1b
Cortaderia jubata and Cortaderia selloana
Cat 1b
Pinus species
Cat 1b, Cat 2 for plantations
Please read the regulations as there are many different species listed
Acacia saligna
Cat 1b
Acacia cyclops
Cat 1b
Nephrolepis cordifolia
Cat 1b
Wild strawberry
Duchesnea indica
Cat 1b